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One Click Does So Many Things!

One Click Export, One Click Import

WordPress Pages & Posts

Your page and post content will be included in the export data. That includes special styling, shortcodes and meta data.

Media Library

The images in your media library are included in the package so that the import is not dependent on your server.


Menu Structure & Items

Your menu structure will be preserved, and each menu’s items are imported and re-linked to the appropriate content.

Active Plugins

Plugins are one of the most powerful features of WordPress. Now you can extend that functionality even further!

Widget Data

No need to worry about recreating those special sidebars, custom areas, and footer widgets.


Customizer Additional CSS

Preserve all of your special styles and colors found in the Additional CSS field of the WordPress Customizer.

Custom Post Types

Include WooCommerce Products, Give Donation Forms, or any other Custom Post Type active on your site.

Categories & Tags

You worked hard to organize those pages and Posts, so Easy Demo Import works hard to keep it all organized for you.

Custom Taxonomies

For those times when the built in WordPress taxonomies are just not enough organization.

Placeholder Images

Who wants to mess with license issues for distributing images? With Easy Demo Import you can easily swap out images to be replaced with absolutely free placeholder images from Fake Images, Please?!

Special Features For The Divi Theme

Easy Demo Import includes many special features for the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes because it was initially built for deploying Divi Child Themes.


Divi Theme Options

Divi has an impressive amount of options available for configuring your website exactly the way that you want.


Divi Customizer Settings

Go ahead and use all of those settings to customize the header, typography, button styles, footer and anything else.


Divi Library

Your entire library of pages, sections, rows and modules can be included in the exported data.


Divi Theme Builder Layouts

The latest addition of the Theme Builder opens up many possibilities for custom layouts and unique designs for every part of a site.

Introductory Features For Elementor

The first steps into the world of Elementor have been taken! Easy Demo Import Pro can now handle some of the main content elements and settings that Elementor uses to store its content. More features will be added in time to cover all of the complexities and possible ways to do different things.


Elementor Settings & Options

Configure your demo site however you’d like and let Easy Demo Import Pro setup that data for import.


Elementor CSS Files

The CSS files that Elementor creates to store your page styles are included for import.


Elementor Library Items

Easy Demo Import Pro will package up your reusable layouts and blocks from the Library.

Elementor Theme Builder

Easy Demo Import Pro exports the headers, footers, popups and other elements created with Elementor’s powerful Theme Builder.

Features For Common Plugins

These common plugins extend a WordPress website and make it even more powerful. Some limited support is built into Easy Demo Import so that much of this extra content can be copied over from your demo site.


WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin. Product information, images, gallery images, and product categories are included in the import.


Give is the highest rated WordPress donation plugin for online giving. Donation forms are included in the import and updated throughout the site.

Lifter LMS

LifterLMS is the #1 WordPress Learning Management System. Most course information, lessons, and questions are included in the import.


Developer Features

If you include custom features and functionality in your theme, you’ll appreciate the power that is available to you in Easy Demo Import.

PHP & JS Files

Easy Demo Import packages your entire theme folder, including all of your custom PHP templates and JavaScript files. If you can include it in your theme, you can package and distribute it!

Hooks & Filters

The sky is the limit for developers who use Easy Demo Import’s built in Hooks & Filters. With a little bit of code the import and export process can be exactly what you need it to be.


Still Need More?

Let us know! I’m happy to consider feature requests that would benefit everyone. Or you can hire me to create the exact solution that is needed for your specific project.

Believe It Or Not, There Are More Features Than Could Fit On This Page

This website shows how many things Easy Demo Import can export and import. You should take a few minutes to explore what is possible!

"Easy Demo Import is by far the quickest and easiest solution for packaging a Divi child theme or layout pack. Plus, it's the quickest and easiest way for my customers to install the products they purchase from me, so it's a win-win all around! Easy Demo Import will save you time, and also make you look like a super hero to your customers."

– Tim Strifler,