Use Case Scenarios

The best tool is the right tool for the job. Is Easy Demo Import the right tool for you?

Distribute A Layout Kit

As a talented designer, you know how to put together a great Divi website. Your designs are so great that other people want to use them to kickstart their projects. So you build your amazing demo site using the Divi theme and all of the options, settings and tools that comes with it. Once the demo site is built, you install Easy Demo Import and export that demo content as a Layout Kit Plugin. Your users/customers install the plugin, hit the import button and are up and running in just a few moments.

Distribute A Child Theme

Not only are you a talented designer, but you have some great coding skills and know how to add additional functionality that takes your websites to another level. So you build your awe-inspiring demo site using the Divi theme, and you create a child theme that includes your custom PHP, JS, and CSS to provide some powerful features. Once the demo site is built, you install Easy Demo Import Pro and export that demo content as a Child Theme. Your users/customers install the child theme, hit the import button and are up and running in just a few moments.

Deploy A Website Build

You built your client’s website on your local machine, on a development server, or some other staging environment and you are ready to deploy the build to the live server. You install Easy Demo Import Pro to package the build as a child theme, upload it to the live site and click Import.

This option is particularly fitting for cases where the website is using premium plugins or other products and you want the client to purchase their own licenses.

Develop A Website Build Template

You have learned by experience which plugins are needed for every website build. You’ve also put together the ultimate privacy policy page that must be included on all websites going forward. You have developed some custom functions and shortcodes that you will use for every client.

Now you can build a quickstart template website implementing all of your favorite tools and configurations. Install Easy Demo Import Pro and package it all up to use as a head start on your next project. 


When Not To Use

Easy Demo Import exports only what is necessary to rebuild the demo content on a new website so it is not the best option when you need to package the full WordPress database or the entire file and folder structure.

For backups and migrations, you need a solution that gets everything, the full WP database and every file that exists including themes and plugins installed and PDF files uploaded. There are some wonderful WordPress tools for backing up and migrating websites, this one does not compete with or replace those. 

"Easy Demo Import is the single most useful product development tool I've ever used. Deployment is a breeze!"

– Terry Hale